You deserve fully automated trading
from inside your own brokerage account.

One-time pre-orders get you...- Free access for 30 days after launch
- 35% OFF launch price (save $164/yr)
- 1-on-1 onboarding w founders
- an invite to the Founders SMS chat
- Full refunds upon request.

ScaleTrade currently integrates with TD Ameritrade.
We have plans to support more of your favorite brokerages in the future.
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Hi there! 👋

We're building a fully-automated trading terminal that integrates directly with your existing brokerage account. No hidden fees. No complex pricing. No lagging the markets. No manual trades. All your assets stay within your control, the way it should be. Expected launch in September 2023 with TD Ameritrade and Questrade accounts.

In addition to automating your trades and simplifying the black box of exclusive funds, we will also save you HOURS of grunt work. Stop scanning, screening, and charting. Let automated trading do the work.

With the ScaleTrade Terminal, you will be able to automate well-known options trading strategies like the Wheel - the only strategy used by both swing traders and legendary long-term investor, Warren Buffett. We'll also be offering the Iron Condor.

FYI, the Wheel strategy has historically generated between 1-3% per week.

Get ready to feel in control of your money while letting it compound on its own...
ah, that's pure bliss.

It all works in 3 VERY simple steps...

Our team has a history of building cool stuff.

We are experts in our fields with decades of combined experience. With the perfect combination of backgrounds, we're excited to bring ScaleTrade into the world.

Andre Williams

AI/ML Engineer, Data Science
Built everything from financial algorithms for personal use to graph convolutional neural networks for metacognition for autonomous flight.


Matthew Huo

Product & User Success
Built an online investing / trading community to 2,000+ members, finance YouTube channel to 100k subs, and a daily newsletter for day traders.


Conor Flynn

Quantitative Developer
Built a high-frequency trading system from scratch by himself and developed algorithms for institutional clients (currently under NDAs).

Pre-order now to get my benefits

Consider pre-ordering because it signals to us that people want the ScaleTrade Terminal, and that we should keep building! The more support we get via pre-orders the sooner the product will launch. Again, you'll get a metric ton of benefits for pre-ordering. And, we'll offer a full refund upon request with zero risk to you.