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Our team has a history of building financial tools.

We are experts in our fields with decades of combined experience. With the perfect combination of backgrounds, we're excited to bring ScaleTrade into the world.

Andre Williams

AI/ML Engineer, Data Science
Built everything from financial algorithms for personal use to graph neural networks for  autonomous flight. Currently a data scientist at SAP.


Conor Flynn

Quantitative Developer
Built a high-frequency trading system from scratch by himself and developed algorithms for institutional clients. Currently pursuing a PhD.


Matthew Huo

Product & User Success
Built an online investing / trading community to 2,000+ members, finance YouTube channel to 100k subs, and a daily newsletter for day traders.


Hi there! 👋 This is Matthew from ScaleTrade.

We both know you should be investing right now.

But, we also both know investing is confusing and overwhelming at times.

There are millions of different resources, never-ending lists of research, and the brokerage platforms are poorly designed.

That's why we built ScaleTrade - the first automated investing solution that helps you invest in the strategies proposed by legendary investors.

Skip the finance rabbit hole and period of uncertainty, and set your investing on autopilot based on the sage wisdom of people like Warren Buffett and Jack Bogle.

Get ready to feel in control of your money while letting it grow on its own.